Is it just me, or was it a cold June this year? We had some of that hazy, rainy weather that I love. I dug up the good old Lomo LC-A and took some shots. It wouldn't wind the film, so I only got 11 exposed frames on a roll of 36.


San said...

ah, had this winding problem with my first Lomo fisheye too. Luckily they switched it in the shop. My second is working just fine.

I really like the second shot. The first one is too much winter mood for me at the moment.

Have a great week.

Saranna said...

I've broken the back of my LC-A(by accident) so that it won't close without massive amounts of tape. I'm guessing it won't wind properly because the film doesn't fit snuggly next to the little teeth that carry it.

victoria said...

I love your photography. The second one in this post is my favorite. The colors and the general broody atmosphere that the double exposure creates is really something. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I like what you have going here!

San said...

Oh, okay, no, in my case it was the winding mechanism. Sorry for you and you lomo, the pics are great though.